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    Why  pollinate?

There is really just one compelling reason to use a pollination service – it makes great economic sense.

It's a practical investment in your business that can produce higher yields and better quality produce - and that means a boost in your bottom line.  Pure and simple.

There is a huge amount of evidence about the benefits of strong pollination for most crops.  Indeed, 65% of the crops introduced to Australia since settlement require pollination by honeybees.  For industries such as apples, cherries and apricots it can also help ensure the fruit is an even size and ripens more evenly, minimising management costs.

Despite this fact, many farmers have relied on “incidental” pollination by unmanaged hives of native bees (why pay for what you get naturally, right?).  However, a recent report by the Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation (RIRCD) has found that this reliance results in "sub-optimal pollination" that can reduce both yield and quality.

Many farmers who rely on incidental pollination simply aren’t getting the best result for their hard work, in terms of both yield and quality.

More concerning is the fact that many native hives have been decimated in recent years by the small hive beetle, which has wiped out tens of thousands of native bee hives.  And experts say that the varroa mite, previously not in Australia, will inevitably reach our shores in the next 5 to 10 years. This will have an even more devastating effect on the native bees that pollinate more than 35 different crops – and therefore impact on our agricultural industry.

In fact, the Commonwealth Department of Agriculture's “Pollination Program” in 2011 advised farmers to be prepared and establish a relationship with a beekeeper, in order to both maximise yields now and ensure they have access to pollination services in the future.  This is because there simply won’t be enough commercial hives to meet the demand for pollination in the future if native bees continue to decline.

The bottom line is that pollination improves your bottom line.

What’s more, research has predicted that the use of professional pollination services will be crucial for the future of Australian agriculture.  It makes sense to get the edge over your competitors now by ensuring your crops are properly and professionally pollinated.

See how pollination can help your crop by checking out the specialised case studies prepared by the RIRDC.  And then contact Dave Elson to discuss how his professional pollination services can improve your yields. 

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