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    How  your  crop  benefits

While there is still a lot of be learnt about the exact value of pollination, it is very clear that optimising pollination can bring remarkable results.

If you’re finding that your yields and the quality of your produce just aren’t what they need to be, professional pollination could be the natural, cost-effective answer you’ve been looking for.

Some crops obviously benefit more than others.  And of course it can also depend on how your native hives are faring and how badly they've been struck by small hive beetle.  Why try to second-guess or leave it to chance, when you can be take natural, practical measures to improve pollination and yields?

Recent research by the Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation (RIRCD) has examined the benefits of pollination for 35 different crops.  To read how your crops can specifically benefit from increased honey-bee pollination, just click on the links below. Each page includes a summary from the RIRDC report and a link for you to download the full case study as a pdf.

Have a look around, download what you need and then contact Dave Elson to discuss your specific needs.

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